6 Things You Need To Know Before Changing Your Hair!

It's easy to get bored of your own hair color sometimes, and it's definitely fun to change it up a bit every now and again. But you don't have to splash out at the salon when you do, as you can easily change your hair colour at home! But, before you do, here's 6 tips you need to know before you delve into the world of self-dye (because there's nothing worse than a hair dye disaster). 

1. Prep like a pro

We get it. Once you get your hands on a brand-new color it can be hard to sort yourself from getting stuck in straight away. Being forced to wait isn’t fun. But reading the instructions properly and carrying out a patch test is vital, because even if the chance is slim, you still don’t want to run the risk of putting it all over your head to then realise you’ve reacted to the hair dye!

2. Check your commitment levels

Do you want to keep your color for a long time, or just a good time? Remember to factor in how much up-keep you’re willing to do, too.

If you want to commit, then there are large range of permanent colors out there and some semi-permanent for those of you who don’t want to commit for quite so long. (If you’re unsure, going semi-permanent first means you can commit to permanent if you’re happy with the outcome.)

But if you only want a new color for a couple of days, choose wash in wash out or color sprays and chalks that you can easily find on the market. This means you can really experiment with the colors you want, and it’ll be gone by Monday morning.

3. Factor in your skin tone

You may think you only really have to consider your natural color when choosing your new hair dye but it’s actually really important to note what skin tone you have, too.

Knowing your undertone is the difference between a color looking amazing on you or washing you out. You’re either cool or warm toned and the easiest way to know is to look at your wrist. Check your veins, and if they appear green-ish, you’re warm toned, and if they’re blue-ish, you’re cool toned.

If you're cool toned, avoid super-dark shades that could be too harsh on your face and make you look sallow. For those with warm tones you can go for rich, dark tones, but anything too light might not look quite as flattering. (But then again, rules are there to be broken.)

4. Get the kit right

It’s important to look after your color, even after you dye it by switching the shampoo you use to a color protecting one. By switching over you can maximize vibrancy and prevent the shampoo from stripping the color out. And where possible, avoid those with sulfates in them. Sulfates are foaming agents which can cause the color to fade faster, as they’re harsher on your hair.

5. Match your makeup

Now you’ve decided on a color, you may want to switch up your makeup a little bit. If you’ve gone darker, adding a bronzer will warm your complexion and stop your darker shades from washing you out.

If you’ve gone lighter, this calls for a bolder blush to put some healthy color in your cheeks.

But if your color is a little out there – then the world is your oyster! Play around, use similar colors in your makeup or go for something contrasting.

6. But you've been warned...

Dyeing your hair, whether in a hair salon or at home, can really damage your hair and it can lead to falling out if you don't look after it properly. But this shouldn't put you off! By making sure you use products that will hair restore any damaged hair and encourage regrowth where it's needed, you can safely experiment with whatever color you please. 

Our own Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner has been formulated to not only encourage growth, but also help to strengthen the hair you do have, too. It will provide your hair with essential proteins to ensure new hair grows stronger and lasts longer. Use it before and after hair dying so you can continually look after your hair and prevent the dye from damaging it.

Now, go play!

Hair color should be fun, and when it comes to experimenting, just remember that you can always grow it out, and even permanent colors won't last forever! So experiment, have fun, and see where the next hair-dyeing adventure will take you...