Everything We Learned About Hair Care In 2018

Along with our hair care range becoming best-sellers in 2018, we’ve learned and shared a lot of things about looking after your hair on this blog! We’ve decided to bring everything together to show how 2018 has been the year of learning about hair care, so 2019 can be the year of looking after your hair! Bring on the healthiest, strongest hair of your life. Here’s how…

…To Get Thicker Hair

Wear a shower cap while you sleep

According to some, wearing a shower cap (or saran wrap) on your head while you sleep will trap heat on your scalp and make your hair grow faster. The results may take time to notice, but it should work if you do it every night! It’s a cheap and easy thing to test out at home. It will also prevent pulling, which can cause hair loss as you sleep.

Stem Cells

If sleeping in a shower cap doesn't sound appealing, our Stem Cell Hair Stimulation Formula can help you to increase hair growth! Along with Keratin and Biotin, our hair formula works to not only strengthen the hair you do have, but also stimulate dying hair follicles and prevent further breakage! 

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… To Stop Hair Loss

Recognize the problem

There are two types of hair loss, genetic and reactive. Genetic simply means it runs in your genes and you'll notice a progressive and gradual reduction in hair volume. Reactive means it's a direct reaction to something, such as stress or heat damage, and this can usually be avoided if you know what to look out for. 

Stem Cells

As we age, our hair follicles either become dormant completely or shrink in size. When they shrink in size, it means that they still produce hair, but it’s much lighter, thinner and more brittle than before so it appears like there is no hair growth at all. This happens to everyone, but more so to those who suffer from genetic hair loss.

Our Stem Cell Haircare Range includes our Shampoo & Conditioner which will help to encourage hair growth by stimulating dormant hair follicles.  It works to encourage the formation of new hair and hair pigments. Plant stem cells increase the lifespan of the hair follicles, so the hair can stay in the anagen phase of the hair for longer, preventing hair fall-out!

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… To Prevent Split Ends

Turn down the heat

Your hairdryers and styling tools have temperature settings for a reason! The higher the heat, the more damage it will inflict, so make the most of the cooler settings on your straighteners or curling iron to avoid singing your locks beyond repair! A lower heat may mean it takes a bit longer to dry your hair, but the damage you’ll save is priceless!

Brush this way, not that way

Brushing our hair has been something we’ve done for as long as we can remember, but did you know that the way you brush, and what tools you use, can have a huge impact on your hair health? Most people brush far too aggressively, hacking away at any knots or tangles in order to achieve a smooth style. The trick is to make it silent! If you hear any scraping or ripping, it means you’re brushing too hard! Most hairdressers also recommend a wide tooth comb, rather than a brush, and to be extremely gentle when combing wet hair.

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… Often You Should Wash Your Hair

Dry – Around two times a week with moisturizing shampoos!

Oily – Wash whenever necessary, but it’s always a good idea to give your hair a break if you’re not leaving the house that day! It’s true that the less you wash, the less oily it will become.

Normal – As often as needed with a mild shampoo

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… To Avoid Dandruff

Wash your hair often

Washing your hair daily will help to wash the flakes away. If you don’t want to wash it that often then a hair toner will help as well.

Use Dandruff Cleansing Shampoo

When it comes to keeping dandruff at bay, what shampoo you use is key. Our new dandruff cleansing shampoo is filled with the most effective ingredients to help keep your scalp in optimum condition so you can cleanse away the dandruff infection, and make sure your hair stays stronger than ever.

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Final Thoughts 

We understand how important hair is, and how common hair loss is among women. Because of this our development of out Stem Cell formulas has had such a great response! 2018 was a great year for Cel MD and we hope 2019 will be just the same! If you have any hair care queries, send them our way...