How Your Left Over Pumpkin Can Help Your Hair Grow...

Not sure what benefits pumpkins have, apart from making jack-o'-lanterns over halloween? Surprisingly pumpkin is a natural and powerful way to encourage hair growth.

So, while it's the season, we thought we'd explain exactly how it works and how you can use to get stronger, thicker hair, naturally. 

How does it work?

When it comes to plant-based oils, they have a great reputation for their healthy fats, and then benefits of this for hair.

One of the main studies about pumpkin seed oil for hair growth was carried out in 2014. The participants were a group of men with pattern baldness, half of which took pumpkin seed supplements and the other half took a placebo. Those who had taken supplement experienced 30% more hair growth than the other group!

It's argued that the reason why pumpkin seed oil helps hair growth is because it contains includes phytosterols, which are found in most plants. They act a little like cholesterols, but they show only positive health benefits. Phytosterols work by blocking the enzymes and hormones in your scalp which cause hair loss, slowing the process down. 

Pumpkin is also full of minerals such as potassium and zinc which work to help to keep hair healthy and encourage hair re-growth. Zinc helps to encourage collagen production, which stimulates dying hair follicles and encourages stronger re-growth. It also includes folate, a B vitamin that helps to stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation!

How to use pumpkin fo your hair

Using your leftover pumpkin flesh

Rather than throwing out your discarded pumpkin flesh, why not turn it into a nourishing hair mask, which will help restore shine and boost growth?! Simply mash the pumpkin flesh with a carrier oil (either coconut or castor oil), apply to your hair and leave in for 30 minutes. Wash out thoroughly, and repeat once a week for best results.

Pumpkin seed oil supplements

Supplements are normally in the form of oil gel capsules. Follow the instructions which are provided with the supplements, which usually states around taking them 2 or 3 times a day if the capsule is around 1000mg. It means it's really easy to get into your routine, and should show results after around 8 weeks. 

Topical Pumpkin Seed Oil

You can apply pumpkin seed oil directly to your scalp. Usually this works best as a hot oil treatment, done around once a week to once a month. (If used too much your hair could become oiler over time!)

1. Shampoo your hair like normal, don’t put any additional products in afterwards

2. Warm the pumpkin seed oil with a double boiler and test it on the inside of your wrist to make sure it is warm, and not too hot

3. Wet your hair and massage the oil into your scalp, it should feel pleasantly warm, not hot

4. Afterwards, wrap your hair in a hot towel and sit with it on for at least 20 mins

5. Remove the towel, shampoo as usual and continue with your usually hair routine.

Our verdict 

Although there hasn’t been extensive research into what pumpkin seed oil can do for your hair, it’s a safe treatment which will definitely increase the strength and quality of your hair over time. For signs of hair growth, it will take around 6-8 weeks. If you experience any itchiness or redness, stop using the oil and consult a doctor is your symptoms worsen. 

Alternatives to encourage hair growth 

At Cel, we've done extensive research into preventing hair loss and encouraging growth. Stem Cell Technology works to boost collagen and encourage a high cell turnover to stimulate dying hair follicles and strengthen each hair strand!

Depending on your routine, or the type of hair loss you're experiencing, we have a few Stem Cell haircare products for you to incorporate into your routine. For specific areas where hair is thinning, we have our Stem Cell Hair Formula which is applied directly onto your problem areas. It works to stimulate the dying hair follicles, meaning you should see a difference after around 6-8 weeks of use. 

If you're looking to encourage hair growth all over, or to thicken and strengthen your hair, our Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner will encourage hair growth and help to repair damage done to the hair strands and follicles. Over all, after 6-8 weeks you will notice a difference in the thickness of your hair, and experience less fall-out. 

For brows and lashes, our Brow & Lash Boosting Formula works to encourage fuller and thicker hair. As hair can appear sparse over time, especially with over-plucked brows, our specific formula strengthens each strand, so that lashes and brows appear longer and fuller over time!