Why Chlorophyll Is The Skin Superfood You've Been Waiting For

You may remember learning about Chlorophyll in your Biology lessons, but if not here’s a quick recap. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants and it's responsible for the absorption of light in photosynthesis (which means it's pretty powerful).

Because it's packed full of antioxidants and vitamins it’s a key part of our diets, improving digestion, helping to detox the liver and boost your energy. You’ll find it in raw, green vegetables like spinach, kale and green beans (but if they don’t sound too good, you can take supplements, too).

It's an important part of the Stem Cell Technology we've developed here at Cel, as we get our Stem Cells from plants, chlorophyll is an incredibly effective ingredient in all our products! If you want to view our whole range, click through the link here

But what does it do when applied topically? 

It doesn't only work its magic when it's digested, getting some chlorophyll in your skincare can transform your complexion for good. Interested? Keep reading...

So wait, you can use it in Skincare?

It turns out that chlorophyll is actually an incredibly effective and popular skincare ingredient as it has an array of benefits, including boosting complexion, fighting zits and protecting your skin from sun damage. Almost seems to good to be true, right? Well here are the 4 main benefits of using chlorophyll on your skin.

1. Evens out your Complexion 

Because Chlorophyll helps deliver oxygen to your skin cells, it boosts your blood circulation which helps make your skin appear smoother and more radiant. The vitamin K will help to neutralize your skin, too, helping diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone. 

2. Heals wounds and scars

Chlorophyll is great at speeding up the healing of burns, cuts, and inflammation, which means that it’s great for those that suffer from inflamed, red skin or acne. By applying it topically, you can prevent acne by soothing your skin beforehand and preventing inflammation. And if it's too late, chlorophyll works to heal acne scars, too. 

3. Fights Blemishes

Chlorophyll is an anti-microbial which means it works to kill the germs and bacteria that cause breakouts and helps ease the inflammation caused by acne and other skin conditions. So many anti-blemish products have chlorophyll in them because it’s such an effective ingredient!

Plus, if you make sure you eat your chlorophyll, it also helps detox your body of the zit-causing toxins so once you start eating more greens, you’ll definitely notice a difference in your skin, too.  

4. Prevents Wrinkles

Around 90% of aging is down to oxidation or sun damage, and so fighting these free radicals off with antioxidants is extremely important to make sure you keep a youthful and radiant complexion. One study with over 1,000 participants, found that those that ate 3 servings of dark leafy greens on a regular basis reduced their cancer risk by 55%. We won’t say it’s as effective as sunscreen but apply chlorophyll topically and add it to your diet and you’re protecting yourself from skin cancer. Pretty powerful, huh?

What Skincare Shall I use?

Now the most important bit, what products include chlorophyll? Well, because we use Stem Cells from plants within our own skincare, they're actually packed full of chlorophyll! Our Skin Care range includes a concentrated Eye Serum, which targets the particularly delicate eye area, a Neck and Décolletage Cream which helps thicken the thin skin on your neck, the area that's even quicker to age than your face. Or, for an all-round boost, our best-selling Nanotech Stem Cell Face Mask which we recommend once a week to get your dose of greens for your skin. It will leave your skin hydrated, soft and will fight wrinkles and uneven skin tone! For a 25% discount on our best-selling chlorophyll-packed products, click the links above!